-Despite times of unusually high power prices, our assessment is that there is a satisfacotiry access to resources through this winter. Even though the revoir levels are below normal levels for the season, our current assessment is that there is satisfactory access to water as well as other sources of energy through the winter, says EVP Peer Olav Østli in Statnett.

It is Statnetts responsibility as Transmission System Operator to assess security of supply. Limited access to water for the hydro power plants will trigger warnings to the market through a system of escalating power system states.

Between 27th of September and 18th of November 2021, Statnett warned that the situation in parts of bidding zones NO2 and NO5 was tight. This was due to low filling levels in reservoirs in parts of the areas that affected access to flexibility and the ability to handle outages.

Norwegian power producers receive signals through the market of demand for power, while planning for access to their own water resources through the winter months.

-Each producer does their own assessment of access to water, and we take into consideration and expect that this is done in a way that ensures access to adequate resources even through a demanding winter season, underlines EVP Østli in Statnett.

There are additional conditions that may affect the situation in the Norwegian power system. Prolonged cold spells, the situation in European fuel prices and a delayed melting season for snow are examples of various factors that may lead to unusually high power prices and a need for imports to ensure delivery of power in Norway. These conditions may also impact on Statnett's assessment of the situation.

-We currently assess that there is no need for additional measures. However, we know that unexpected situations may arise, and we follow the situation closely. Prolonged cold spells will arise the need to reassess. Other situations that reduce our access to imports may also have an impact, says Peer Olav Østli of Statnett.

The Norwegian power system is closely connected to the Nordics and other surrounding countries. The situation in these countries are part of Statnett's assessment. Availability of interconnectors is vital to ensure access to imports in strained situations.