At first, measures have been taken that allow for a first improvement in capacity. Statnett has decided to increase capacity from Southern Norway to Sweden. The measures are in part a result of the dialogue between the companies over the last few weeks and involves an assessment of operational security on both sides that allows increased capacity while still ensuring a good operational security.

The current situation in the power markets results in reduced flexibility and lower margins ion operations. This means that the reserve situation is tight across the Nordics. Use of system protection schemes in this situation would entail lower margins and reduced flexibility. Statnett has therefore decided not to implement the usage of such schemes to increase the capacity to the theoretical maximum on NO1-SE3, with regards to operational security.

-We are in the process of turning every stone along with our colleagues in Svenska kraftnät to find ways of further increasing the capacity both ways and restore a symmetrical situation in our operational risk assessments and in the basis for capacity calculation. This is important in order to facilitate a well-functioning market that utilizes the capacity to the best interest of both countries, underlines Statnett CEO Hilde Tonne.

The dialogue between the Transmission System Operators continues in the search for further measures to increase capacity while ensuring security of supply in the best way. This includes cooperation at operational levels in planning and operations, while ensuring from management levels that information is shared in real time.

-We have a close and good dialogue with our colleagues at Svenska kraftnät, both at management and operational levels. We are designing specific measures that will bring the cooperation further. Ensuring better capacity both ways is important and we see that this has a clear attention in the respective companies, underlines Statnett CEO Hilde Tonne.