The European Network Development Plan is published every other year by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, ENTSO-E. Statnett is the Norwegian representative in ENTSO-E.


TYNDP 2020 assumes that renewable power production will, to an increasing extent, replace coal power, gas power and, in part, also nuclear power. If renewable power production is to replace more flexible thermal power production, this will increase the need for transmission capacity in the power grid.


As part of TYNDP 2020, regional European plans are also being prepared. In the regional planning work, Europe has been divided into six planning regions. Norway is included in two of these: The Baltic Sea and the North Sea regions. The purpose of the plans is to achieve coordinated planning, which in part entails consistent national, Nordic and European power system planning.

Assumptions regarding the Norwegian power system are based on Statnett's network development plan (NDP 2019).


TYNDP 2020 will be subject to a public consultation process having a deadline 4th of January 2021.



The Ten Year Network Development Plan 2020 is published on ENTSO-E’s website