The report, which is also integrated in Statnett's annual report, describes how the company has taken a responsible approach with respect to people, society and the environment in 2019.

"Our industry plays an important role in the transition to a low-carbon society, and it is becoming increasingly important that we also carry out our tasks in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible way. This is how we assure both our corporate mission and our corporate social responsibility", says Executive Vice President Knut Hundhammer.

By strengthening and renewing the power grid, Statnett is contributing to electrification and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Norway and our neighbour countries. At the same time, there are more global challenges than climate change that we need to take into consideration in our everyday working life. Being sustainable is more than being green. It is about having a holistic view on sustainable development and this is described in the sustainability report.

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting the society

The last weeks we have all been facing a new global challenge. The outbreak of COVID-19, and measures to delay the spread, so far has had major consequences for the society in 2020.

-Statnett's main task in this crisis is to secure the power supply and contribute to limit the spread. We also have implemented measures in order to secure all employees, including occupational health services, flexibility in working life, using digital platforms and securing good information flow, Hundhammer informs.

Statnett's emergency preparedness plans for extensive outbreaks of infection facilitated that employees with critical tasks were protected early. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, Statnett is firmly committed to the goal of strengthening our work on corporate social responsibility.

Important to ensure decent working conditions

One of the global challenges is work-related crime. By regularly checking construction sites in recent years, Statnett has uncovered several cases that clearly demonstrate the serious consequences work-related crime can have for workers’ human rights. This has made the need to monitor suppliers at all levels in the supply chain. In 2019 Statnett strengthened the efforts to ensure decent working conditions for everyone working at our facilities by intensifying the checks at constructions sites, strengthen the requirements for suppliers and entering into a nationwide collaboration agreement with the Norwegian Tax Administration.  

The report also describes what measures have been taken to better secure biodiversity. In 2019, Statnett has among other things carried out one of the largest systematic revegetation surveys in Norway linked to construction work, and maping of foreign species at our transformer substations.

Statnett's contribution to the UN SDGs

The focus on sustainability increased in Norwegian society during 2019. Norwegians removed plastic from the beaches, children and young people strived for climate action and an increasing number of lenders included sustainability in their company assessments. It is important that businesses take responsibility for sustainable development and as a large state-owned enterprise, it is important for Statnett to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to meet the growing expectations in the society around us. In 2019, we have seen that good sustainability work also pays off financially.


Statnett will continue to step up its work on corporate social responsibility and sustainability in 2020.

-We have systematized the work, among other things, by establishing a sustainability team. This will help us to improve our efforts on sustainability, despite the fact that in times of crisis our first priority is to secure power supply, Knut Hundhammer concludes.


It can also be found as part of the 2019 annual report