Overview Nyhamna infrastructure


  • A 1,66 km 420kV PEX Cable, 630mm2 Cu, termination arrangement, including earthing system
  • A Gas pipeline (6''/8'') (1,5 km) connected to the Nyhamna processing plant
  • Fiber optics communication, floodlights & CCTV infrastructure
  • Control building with auxiliary systems (grid power (Istad), communication, back up power (batteries), sewage)
  • Civil works on site, including building, fence, access road etc
  • Gravel site: approx. 13.400m2, inside fence 43.757m2. Landlease allows for more m2.
  • Control building: approx. 135 m2

The site area is leased from Gassco/Ormen Lange DA and may be transferred a new owner, upon approval from Gassco/Ormen Lange DA.

Sales process Nyhamna infrastructure

Statnett is seeking potential new owners for the above infrastructure, and is initiating a structured sales process. Process milestones and indicative timeline:

  • Interest in participation communicated to Statnett, as soon as possible
  • Due diligence initiated on relevant assets at site, completed by August 2023
  • Selection of 2-3 parties for contract negotiations, September 2023
  • Contract negotiations October, November 2023
  • Agreement signed by year end 2023

Statnett reserves the right to change the timeline or the process.

Illustration of Nyhamna infrastructure
Illustration of Nyhamna infrastructure