The conference started with a short welcome from the Chairman of the board, Jon Fredrik Bakssaas followed by introductions from the Minister for Oil- and Energy, Mr. Kjell Børge Freiberg, and Director General, Norwegian Water Resource and Enerdy Directorate (NVE), talking about the development of the power system.


Competitive electrification

How are the largest corporations in Norway working with electrification and what is their strategy to make electrification economic? Presentations by Arvid Moss, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and Anders Opedal, EVP Technology, Projects and Drilling, Equinor. Knut Hundhammer, CFO, Statnett also presented how Statnett is catering for the electric future and how Statnett work to become more efficient.


Energy transition and value creation

Norway is one of the worlds most electrified countries and the Norwegian power system is highly utilised and efficient. Lookin at the power sector isolated, it is already close to zero emissions, this puts Norway in pole position when it comes to the energy transition needed ahead. However there is still a vast potential for converting energy use to electricity. How will the Norwegian power sector work to succeed in this transition and create value at the same time? Presentation from Frances Eaton, Nysnø about Nysnø's investment philosophy and Auke Lont in conversations with Knut Kroepelien from Energy Norway and Knut Lockert from Distriktsenergi and in conversation with climate influencers within the Norwegian power industry.