Developing the energy system

You will meet the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Statnett’s Chairman Jon Fredrik Baksaas, and Andy Ott from PJM, which is an independent system operator (ISO) for a large part of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Ott will explain how PJM operates a power grid through the extensive use of market solutions.

Which trends will we see in the power market moving forward, and how will electrification affect our everyday lives?

Bernt Reitan Jensen from Ruter will talk about how he views Ruter’s role in the future and what needs he anticipates. We will also be gathering trendsetters from the power industry to find out what is happening in terms of the development of new markets, flexibility and how we should work together to best solve the challenges facing the power industry.

Walter Qvam, former CEO of Kongsberg Gruppen, now Chairman of Digital Norway, will discuss how realignment processes have taken place in other industries, and how we can learn from this in the power industry.

Cost-effective grid development

There is still a high level of activity in the industry, and the ability to implement effective projects will be essential for keeping overall costs down. Among other things, we will meet Elisabeth Vike Vardheim, Group Executive Vice President Constructions at Statnett, who is working to increase the efficiency of Statnett’s development projects.

Customers ask, Auke answers

We will meet Auke Lont in conversation with power customer representatives.