It was constructed in order to link new wind power production to the power grid and to enable Lyse Elnett to reinforce the regional power supply. Therefore, the station is equipped both with facilities owned by Statnett that connect it to the main power grid and with facilities connected to the regional network owned by Lyse Elnett.


The wind power produced in the area will be connected as the turbines are completed. Statnett’s facilities for connecting to wind power will soon be put into operation. “The plan is to have the first wind turbine connected to the substation in early June,” says Vandbakk.


Lyse Elnett’s facilities at the substation will be put into operation as more wind turbines are ready to be connected. The final parts of Lyse’s facilities will be put into operation when their new power line to Opstad is completed around the end of next year.


The cost of the new substation is estimated to be NOK 500–540 million, and it was completed on time and on budget.