The aim of the choice-of-concept study was to discuss what could trigger the need for a new central grid in Finnmark following the construction of Balsfjord–Skaidi power line, in addition to putting the individual sections into a broader context. In this way, we hope to achieve a holistic and coordinated development of the power system in Finnmark, where the first projects are aligned with a long-term plan.

The choice-of-concept study has been conducted in accordance with regulations and associated guidelines issued by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Vista Analysis AS was responsible for conducting external quality assurance.

It is essentially the greater demand for power from the petroleum industry that may trigger extensive grid projects in the region. Today, no such need is known, either in the east or in the west, and we cannot therefore settle on a choice of concept. The reports will therefore not be submitted to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for political consideration.

However, the conducted analyses have provided good decision-making criteria for determining the correct projects to implement based on where the need arises – either in eastern or western Finnmark. In order to ensure that investments are made on time, it is important to continue the close dialogue established between Statnett and industrial stakeholders.

The title of the report is “Kraftsystemet i Finnmark – analyse av behov og tiltak etter 2020” (The power system in Finnmark – analysis of needs and projects after 2020).The analyses presented in this report will serve as the basis for future grid development in Finnmark.