It is usually other grid owners who contact us about grid capacity, as the majority of connections take place directly in local or regional grids. The grid connection agreement itself will be entered into with the grid operator who owns the grid at the connection point. Grid owners who plan a connection in their own grid, should clarify the grid situation with other affected grid owners, including Statnett. Read more on the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate website regarding the grid owners’ duty to perform assessments here

We recommend that local grid owners report all plans concerning grid connection or increased consumption or production by existing customers, direct to Statnett and the Power System Assessment (KSU) manager in the area. Minor changes, such as increased power usage resulting from population growth, are reported in the regional power system assessments 

Changes in consumption or production at lower grid levels also affect the power flow at higher grid levels. Our grid is primarily meshed. This means that the load on one of our grid facilities can be affected by plans from different grid operators. When we evaluate an individual customer’s order, we must check the combined production and consumption plans in the area, so that the same capacity is not allocated to multiple customers simultaneously.

There are at present a dozen or more customers who have extremely large power requirements and who are therefore connected directly to Statnett’s grid. If the production or consumption is to be directly connected to our grid, the customer should contact Statnett directly.

Information on owners of the local distribution grid can be found at NVE's website.