If the grid connection requires grid investments,, all affected grid owners must clarify, apply for a licence for and implement necessary investments in their grid in order to provide a connection, without undue delay.

The customer must cover a proportional share of the costs entailed. If the customer is unwilling to pay their proportional share, the obligation to connect is deemed fulfilled.

The grid owners can apply for exemption from the obligation to connect for production if they find that total investments in production and grid will not be socially rational. For consumption, exemption from the obligation to connect can be granted in extraordinary circumstances.

For more information about the regulations, please see the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) website

Must customers pay for assessments and grid investments?

Normal grid tariffs

Construction and operational costs are covered by the grid customers through the grid rental (tariff). Statnett tariffs the transmission grid according to the prevailing regulations.

Installation contributions

In some circumstances, one or more customers trigger investments in the grid. This can happen due to multiple enquiries concerning grid connection, increased capacity, or quality exceeding that entailed by the regulations on delivery quality in the power system. From 1 January 2019, the customer must cover a proportional share of the costs entailed. Before this date, grid operators have not in practice had the opportunity to charge installation contributions in meshed grids. This cost will be in addition to the standard tariff.

Payment for assessments

The customers must also cover their proportional share of the costs of assessments in regional and transmission grids that are incurred after this date. Further information on tariffs and costs can be found here.