Description of the customer

  • Information on the company and a short description of the project
  • Information on whether the enquiry comes on behalf of the company itself, or whether the company is acting on behalf of another party
  • Contact details


  • When does the customer need a reply?
  • What are the customer’s milestones?
  • The status of processing applications by the authorities (for example, licence applications, regulation of sites for industrial projects that will require power) – are all permissions in place, and if not, how far has the process come?
  • What other clarifications/permissions does the customer need before the project can get underway?
  • Is there a need for grid investment in the local grid?

Expected consumption or production profile, and desired delivery quality

  • Future increase of the MW-level – will  the level be increased in stages, and what starts the different stages?
  • Increased connection points
  • Profile through the year – stable, varying, seasonal changes?
  • Consumption – does the customer have particular needs relating to the delivery quality?