The Grid Development Plan and Power System Plan are updated every other year

The Grid Development Plan (Nettutviklingsplan, NUP) describes the forces that drive the development of the power system, ongoing development projects and planned actions. The plan is updated every other year. In the years between new plans, we compile an investment plan that shows changes in project development. With these documents, Statnett aims to enable stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of our actions and promote wider involvement.

Statnett has reporting responsibility for the central grid and therefore prepares a Power System Plan (Kraftsystemutredning, KSU) every second year, according to Norwegian regulations on energy reports. This assessment describes the current power systems in terms of production, consumption, level of security of supply, and available grid capacity for the input of new production. The plan also outlines possible developments in transmission needs and potential actions, up to a 20-year horizon.

Together with the System Operations and Market Development Plan 2017–2021, the Grid Development Plan (NUP) and the Power System Plan (KSU) provide a description of how Statnett intends to carry out its social mandate in the coming years.

Work on the 2019 versions of the Grid Development Plan and Power System Assessment formally starts with the Norwegian National Power System Conference on 24 October 2018 and is scheduled for completion 1 October 2019. Statnett wishes to develop a dialogue with its stakeholders and other players, and will therefore also invite relevant parties to subject and area meetings focusing on grid development throughout winter and spring 2019.

Updated investment plan 2018

Updated investmentplan 2018 can be found in the documentlist at the bottom of this page.

Larger projects have their own project page on our website. There, you can find more project related information, news, relevant documents and contact persons.
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Grid Development Plan 2017

The Grid Development Plan for 2017 provides an updated picture of ongoing development projects and planned actions. In addition, development trends and possibilities for further development of the grid are outlined up to 2035–40.

In the spring of 2017, we invited stakeholders and other actors to contribute to our grid development plan. You can find the version of the Grid Development Plan submitted for consultation and all other contributions in the document list below.