Statnett is developing a smart and forward-looking power system, while at the same time safeguarding security of supply and high available grid capacity, as well as placing high demands on HSE and efficiency. Statnett’ s ambition is to pave the way for the electric future, and we also aim to level out consumption tariffs in 2023. These ambitions set important premises for Statnett’s prioritisation of measures in our role as grid owner with responsibility for planning the transmission grid.  

The programme will develop know-how, methods, solutions and technology that will facilitate digital, safe and cost-effective assets and asset management.   


The programme has the following strategic goals:  

Assets must be safe for our employees and the environment, and have the least possible environmental footprint by:  

  • reducing or eliminating dangerous tasks 
  • having a holistic focus on HSE 

The design of the grid and the availability of the assets must be adapted to grid user needs by:  

  • having control over the criticality of the system and the risk to the assets 
  • efficiently planning, designing and building new assets
  • having control over the condition of the assets

Cost-effective facility management will be achieved by:  

  • having control over lifecycle cost of the assets
  • optimising maintenance and renovations based on costs, and the condition and criticality of the assets

To make good decisions, we need:  

  • easy access to relevant data, with the right quality 
  • good models and computer tools