Project 1 – SPANDEx

(Control Centre Platform for Synchrophasor and PMU Applications, Integration and Data Exchange)

This project will develop and test methods and solutions based on real-time measurements from Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) in Statnett’s control centre environment. Selected applications will be implemented and introduced in Statnett’s control centres to gain practical experience and operator feedback regarding the applications they consider to be most useful. Adopting this technology in the control centres of the future is considered to be an important step on the road towards managing the next generation of power systems.

The project is divided into seven work packages/subprojects:

  1. Technology review
  2. Analysis of underlying grid/communications solution
  3. PMU application development
  4. PMU application implementation
  5. Testing
  6. End-to-end performance analysis
  7. Roadmap recommendations

The project is a collaboration between Statnett, GE, SINTEF and NTNU. It began in 2016 and will be completed during autumn 2019.

Project 2 – SPARC

(SynchroPhasor-based Automatic Real-time Control)

The SPARC project’s objective is to develop and test methods for real-time state estimation and control in the existing and future Nordic transmission grid, as well as to demonstrate the use of PMU data for state estimation and primary and secondary regulation (adaptive protection, power system stabilisers, power oscillation damping, automatic load shedding). In addition, the project will develop and validate user cases in a relevant lab environment.

The project is divided into four work packages/subprojects:

  1. PMU-based methods for state estimation
  2. PMU applications for Wide Area Control
  3. Wide Area Protection
  4. Demonstration/lab

The project is a collaboration between Statnett and the other Nordic TSOs (Energinet, Fingrid and SvK), along with NTNU and SINTEF. It began in 2018 and will be completed in May 2020.

Project 3 – NEWEPS

(Nordic Early Warning Early Prevention System)

The objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate PMU-based systems for monitoring and control of dynamic stability for the Nordic power system.

The project is divided into nine work packages (WP1–WP9) with the following assignments:

  • Developing demonstrators/prototypes for early notification/prevention of instabilities
  • Developing test specifications
  • Developing interfaces for EWEP modules
  • Developing and testing applications for voltage stability and monitoring fluctuations in the power grid
  • Developing methods for visualising system status
  • Developing a roadmap

The project is a collaboration between Statnett and the other Nordic TSOs (Energinet, Fingrid and SvK), along with a number of research institutes and universities. It is a four-year project that began in 2019 and will be completed in 2023.