SAMBA stands for Smarter Asset Management with Big Data.

The project is looking into the highly relevant issues of:

• What is the state of the grid’s components right now?
• How will that state change going forward?
• What is the optimal time for maintenance work?
• When will we have to replace grid components?

The answers to these questions require expertise from multiple disciplines, the development of new ICT platforms and systems integration, as well as effective end-user solutions that process and compare large volumes of data as a basis for decision-making.
SAMBA is a three-year R&D project. The project receives financial support from the Research Council of Norway’s Energix programme and will run until the end of 2018.


  • Power transmission grids can be managed more intelligently.

What do we want to achieve?

  • A maintenance and reinvestment regime, based on a knowledge of the grid’s components.
  • Better exploitation of data and more efficient data collection.

How far have we come?

  • The project has contributed to a new “Smart Asset Management” strategy at Statnett.
  • Testing different models and methods for assessing the state of grid components.