The Roundtable companies 50 Hertz, National Grid, RTE, Statkraft, Statnett, Swiss­grid, Tennet and Verbund, discussed the chances and challenges of the European Internal Energy market and the German Energiewende together with EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger and the German Vice Chancellor and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel.


In the course of the event, the companies handed over the Roundtable Joint Messages to Günther Oettinger and Sigmar Gabriel which propose action in three main fields: the Internal Energy Market; a stronger and more interconnected grid, and; a framework that delivers smarter technologies.


As for the first, the Roundtable advocates an improved electricity market design, fair competition between technologies and actors as well as a strengthened ETS and the stimulation of regionalisation.


Concerning a stronger grid, the Roundtable supports an interconnection target based on a sound methodology, a stable long-term framework, and EU support for public acceptance.


Finally, on smarter technologies, the participating companies highlighted the importance of a supportive framework for storage and demand side management, an acceleration of smart grid technologies, and a stronger focus on energy efficiency.