The NorNed direct current cable fell out of service at 8:58 AM on Tuesday 18 March due to a fault in the converter station in Feda in Kvinesdal, where the cable is connected to the Norwegian power grid. The fire alarm in the station was triggered, but it quickly turned out that there was no fire at the plant.


Statnett immediately started working on finding the fault, and at 11:00 AM one could conclude that there was an error in a transmission between the converter hall and the outdoor construction. The cable is expected to be back in operation during Wednesday 19 March.


NorNed is 50% owned by Statnett and 50% of the Dutch TSO TenneT. The cable was put into operation in 2008 and has a capacity of 700 MW. The cable runs between Kvinesdal in Norway and Eemshaven in the Netherlands, and therefore links the Norwegian price range NO2 to the Dutch electricity market.