The tenders for 420 kV transmission line was split into four separate contracts and the awarded companies are as follows:


    1. Ofoten – Kvandal, 51 km:                                             Rebaioli (Italia)
    2. Kvandal – Bardufoss, 73 km:                                        Consorzio Italia 2000
    3. Bardufoss – Balsfjord fundamenter:                            Istad Energimontasje
    4. Bardufoss – Balsfjord master og linestrekk, 31 km:    Consorzio Italia 2000


All tenders participating has two weeks deadline in order to make complaints related to the award decision.  


The construction work will be adjusted in order to take necessary consideration to reindeer farming activities in the area and planned start-up of works is summer 2014.


The tenders for road, ground- and construction work for substation has been divided into four: Ofoten, Kvandal, Bardufoss and Balsfjord. The first contract award has been made:


    1. Kvandal substation, road and ground work:          Bjørn Bygg AS


Contract award for the remaining three substations is planned within short time. 


Alltogether, these contract awards is estimated to about NOK 1,000 millions.