The decision was made after an overall assessment of the safety and resource situation relating to Statnett’s activities in Africa and Statnett’s future tasks.

“Through Consulting’s activities, Statnett has contributed significantly to developing the power grid systems in our African partner countries. However, we must take into account that we are facing major tasks and resource challenges in our core activity. Our workload is increasing, which is challenging for our organisation. Moreover, Statnett Consulting’s activities involve extensive travel to countries where the travel risk has been classified as medium and high. In our assessment, a continuation of such activities would require an increasingly robust safety system and comprehensive training of the participating Statnett employees, to be able to handle the higher risk associated with such activities. Overall, this would be too resource-intensive to justify, given the many tasks that lie ahead,” explains Executive Vice President Bente Monica Haaland.

Phase-out plan in consultation with our partners
Statnett has collaboration agreements with companies in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. The agreement with UETCL in Uganda has been in place since 2006, whereas the agreement with TANESCO in Tanzania was entered into in 2010. Statnett’s contribution has mainly focussed on grid operation and project development, as well as project execution. However, significant contributions have also been made to e.g. HR, strategy and ICT. The work has been fully financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via the respective embassies.

“It is important to emphasise that we are not stopping the projects right now, but will deliver within the set project deadlines. We aim to come up with a plan everyone can agree to which will ensure that ongoing deliveries are discontinued in a way that promotes the greatest possible value for our partner companies, but without implementing any new initiatives. Affected employees will be offered new positions and assignments elsewhere in Statnett. These are people with attractive and relevant expertise for Statnett, says Bente Monica Haaland. Before the summer of 2014, the Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAG) presented a study of Norwegian assistance for the development of clean energy. Statnett has been assessing its activities in Africa over a long period, and the decision to discontinue the collaboration agreements in Africa was made independently of the conclusions in the OAG study.

Gunnar Romsaas
Senior communications advisor
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