Statnett has signed an R&D agreement with Cognite to gain momentum in the creation of the digital foundation that is fundamental for us to achieve a digital transformation.

 "Cognite has the expertise and working methods in place, and can therefore contribute significantly to the digitization of Statnett's processes" says Peer Olav Østli, Senior Vice President ICT in Statnett.

Initially, Cognite will contribute to digitize the asset management in Statnett.

"We own and manage more than 11,000 km of power lines, multiple cables and 150 transformer stations with many critical components, and by digitizing the management of these, we will be able to streamline operation and also contribute to securing the power supply," explains Østli.

Cognite will also help to digitize the processes around connection applications.

"We are experiencing a strong increase in the number of requests for connection to the grid across the country, a large number of stakeholders consider connection of new consumption in several areas, and each of these require analyses," says Østli. "If we can have a more streamlined and digitized process related to these requests, will we save time and resources both at Statnett and with the stakeholders.

Cognite has worked closely with the oil and gas sector, and is familiar with complex processes that are also found in the power sector. Statnett and Cognite will work closely together during the contract period, and an expected outcome is that Statnett will be positioned to take more data driven decisions.