For this reason, we are launching a call for research and development proposals. Statnett has high ambitions for its R&D activities, which requires a broad range of project proposals as well as partnerships with a broad selection of R&D partners.

Diversity increases innovation

“Diversity increases innovation,” states Statnett’s Senior Vice President R&D, Sonja Berlijn. “We are therefore particularly looking for proposals that comprise interdisciplinary cooperation, where the research will be performed by both diverse institutions and organisations, and teams.”

This time, Statnett is particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Measures to reduce HSE risk
  • Open source, simplified network models
  • Cyber security
  • Real-time monitoring and control of the power system

“In general, I can see a great deal of potential in combining digital expertise with ‘our world’ in the power industry,” says Berlijn.

Positive experiences with last year’s proposals

This is the second time that Statnett has a call for R&D projects. In 2017, Statnett received about 170 project proposals, leading to nearly 30 new research projects, and that has whetted our appetite for more. “We immediately started to work on some of the proposals, whereas we combined other proposals in larger consortia. Both one of our drone projects and the Icebox project – which deals with icing on powerlines – are based on proposals that came in last year,” explains Berlijn, who is hoping for some equally good suggestions this year.

Send your proposals via Statnett’s website

Proposals for R&D projects should be submitted via Partners who wish to invite us to join them in new R&D projects, such as EU, KPN and IPN proposals, should use the same method.

The deadline for the call for proposal was 31 May.