The regional European plans are issued biannually by the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E). The purpose of the plans is to bring about the coordinated planning of the European power system, a process that entails, amongother things, consistent national, Nordic and European power system planning.

The plans are a mandatory part of the European Power System plan that is to be published later in 2018. Europe is divided into six planning regions in the regional planning process. Norway is included in two of these, i.e. Region Baltic Sea and Region North Sea.

"One of the most important drivers of future grid development in Europe is for renewable power production without particular flexibility to replace flexible thermal power production," says Statnett special advisor Arne Pettersen.

"If this transformation is to be made while at the same time maintaining a secure supply, it will entail, in part, a need for increased transmission capacity between different synchronous areas. Any physical expansion toward the Nordic Region would both contribute to flexibility exchanges while also making it easier for the Nordic Region to sell a steadily growing share of unregulated production."

In addition to the regional plans, ENTSO-E has also published a report under the title "European Power System 2040 – Completing the map". The report identifies future challenges and developmental needs facing the European system up until 2040, based on the three different scenarios in the European plan.

"The analyses show that the most important drivers of Nordic system development are an increase in capacity between the Nordic synchronous area and surrounding systems, dispositions for wind power, the phasing out of nuclear power and broader integration of the Baltic market," says Statnett special advisor Arne Pettersen.

The regional European grid development plans will be available for public review until 28 February. The public review versions of the various reports have been posted on the ENTSO-E website:

Regional Plan Baltic Sea

Regional Plan North Sea

European Power System 2040 - Completing the maps

Project list European plan 2018