- Our Grid Development Plan is an ambitious, but balanced plan, says Gunnar G. Løvås, EVP Strategy and Public Affairs in Statnett. - This plan shows that Statnett maintains a steady course towards the next generation main grid.


Statnett is well underway, in all regions of Norway, the new power grid is being planned and developed. The Grid Development Plan covers the next 20 years and shows how the projects and plans will be realised. The annual investments of NOK 5-7 billion represent the same level as reported last year.


 - The investment level is rising towards a historical high, but that is necessary to ensure sufficient grid capacity throughout the country, says Løvås.

- However, it is also necessary to prioritise certain projects, he says. - We are presenting a plan that will give a well-balanced grid development. It will enable supply security and social development across the country, while it also has to satisfy considerations regarding cost efficiency, safety and the environment.   


In addition to the economic development and our growing urban areas, major plans in industry, petroleum and renewable energy will lead to a strong need for a better grid in the coming decades. - Statnett builds when our grid customers need it. Every project must undergo a needs assessment. We need a close dialogue with the manufacturing industry, the power industry and other players to make that assessment, and hence to ensure that the capacity is there when it is needed, says Gunnar G. Løvås.



Contact in Statnett:

EVP Gunnar G. Løvås, tel. +47 913 40 699