Statnett will strengthen its focus on HSE, quality and project execution, and has therefore established a Constructions division which will be responsible for the construction projects as the company’s own operational builder. A new executive will be recruited to lead this unit.


- We will strengthen our cost efficiency focus both as regards the solutions chosen and project development. This is the motivation for establishing a new division for Technology and Development, which will bring together all expertise in systems analysis, planning, technology, acquisition and research and development required to find the best solutions leading up to an investment decision. The division will be headed by Håkon Borgen, says CEO Auke Lont.


- The power market is becoming increasingly important to security of supply, requiring a closer connection between operations and markets. This is why we are incorporating all market-related activities into the operations community in the System Operations, Asset Management and Markets division, which will be headed by Øivind Rue,” says Lont.


- Europe plays a key role for Statnett and it is decisive that we become a driving force in the work going on there. This is particularly the case as regards policies and regulations formulated in Brussels. Bente Hagem will lead our efforts in relation to European Affairs.


The major ICT efforts continue, with all operational and development activities being gathered in the ICT division, including the data hub for AMS. The division is headed by Peer-Olav Østlie.


All stakeholder contact is coordinated by the Strategy and Communications staff, headed by Gunnar G. Løvås. The division handles corporate and tariff strategy, grid development plans, external communication and customer contact.


Corporate Finance and Services will ensure uniform management of the Group and its service deliveries through central staff and corporate functions. Knut Hundhammer is the CFO and will lead the corporate staff.