'This means that no faults will be rectified. Any outages will not be tended to, and we can no longer guarantee a secure supply of electricity in Norway', says Executive Vice President Øyvind Rue of the Norwegian TSO.

All Statnett employed members of the striking union will be called to strike, which entails practically the entire operational organisation securing the operations of the Norwegian power sector.

'The situation is serious. Any faults in the grid will be unattended to. This could potentially lead to lasting outages and black-outs. A secure supply of electricity is the responsibility of Statnett as the Transmission System Operator and is critical to a modern society', says Rue.

Statnett applied for wide reaching exemptions from the strike to ensure the security of supply, but they were turned down by the striking union. We had to do this because individual dispensations would not secure the Norwegian power sector.

-We made a thorough assessment of the number of staff needed to secure supply and necessary back-up across the country, adds Øyvind Rue.

The strike will also mean that there are no staff to secure areas of any serious incidents involving pylons, which may pose a threat to people in the surrounding areas.