Reservoirs have been drained to historically low levels, despite high import of power from our neighbouring countries so far this winter. In January, the import record was broken in one month with a net import of 2.3 billion kilowatt hours (TWh). Since 1 November 2010 and until today, 6.3 TWh have been imported. After record cold temperatures during November and December, the situation was assessed as tight in Central and Southern Norway. The situation improved somewhat in January, but developments in February and March meant that reservoirs were drained more than expected.


”The latest measurements show an average reservoir level of 22.8 percent – 22.5 percentage points lower than normal. The biggest challenges may lie in the situation for the power system in Southern Norway, where reservoir levels are down to approx. 20 percent,” says Executive Vice President Øivind Rue, Statnett.


Earlier this winter, Statnett and Enova launched a big campaign for saving electricity. In addition, Statnett has emphasised operation of its foreign interconnectors to maintain the highest import capacity possible.


Statnett is currently preparing to implement exceptional measures in order to be able to manage the power system if developments continue. Market members have been invited to a meeting next week for more information on the situation.


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