Statnett’s total revenues for 2010 were 7 247, compared to NOK 2 862 million for the year 2009. The increased revenues for 2010 are mainly due to increased tariffs and congestion revenues from price differences between price areas. Revenues exceeding the overall revenue cap set by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) will be returned to customers through reduced tariffs. Higher revenues in 2010 were NOK 2 178 million.

Statnett SF’s overall investments in 2010 were NOK 1 892 million, compared with NOK 1 278 million in 2009.


Statnett’s activities will in the immediate and near future continue to be dominated by the substantial number of major investment projects, either being planned or under implementation.

The autumn of 2010 the Minister of Petroleum and Energy established four independent committees to assess cable alternatives at the project between Sima and Samnanger at Hardangerfjord. The conclusions were drawn the 1. February 2011, and a consenting process will continue until 21st of February. Construction works were initiated in Samnanger the autumn of 2010, at the section where overhead line is the agreed alternative.

Quarterly Accounts 4/2010 (pdf)


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