In March we informed you about the upcoming implementation of CASC Shadow Auction (CASC SA) as the fall back mechanism for the NorNed to be used in situations when the market coupling operated by EMCC fails was likely to be implemented in April. Now we can announce (after successful testing) that the implementation date is planned for the 28th of April concerning the business day 29th of April.


We would like to remind market participants, either existing participants on NorNed Auction or program responsible parties (PRPs) and balance responsible parties in Norway (BRPs), to register at CASC.EU’s auction office. This registration is necessary if you wish to be active on the shadow auctions to be performed by CASC on NorNed. Maybe you are registered already at CASC for a Shadow Auction but please be aware that you specifically have to register for the NL – NO border to be able to participate in the SA for NorNed. Please also pay attention that there are specific nomination rules applied for NorNed in article 8.03 in the auction rules which are attached.


To be able to take part in the shadow auctions each party must accept the conditions stipulated in the ITVC Shadow Auction Rules for the concerned borders. The participant must also sign the Declaration of Acceptance annexed to the ITVC Shadow Auction Rules. The Auction rules and declaration of acceptance can be found via