This is due to little water in Norwegian reservoirs and high consumption, resulting in higher prices in Norway than in surrounding countries.
”High prices can be difficult for Norwegian consumers, but it is good to import when there is little water in the reservoirs for Norwegian hydroelectric power plants”, says Øivind Rue, Executive Vice President in Statnett.


”Norway had a net import of more than two billion kilowatt-hours in January. This has been a good contribution toward conserving water in the reservoirs, while also helping to reduce the price, as compared with if we only used electricity produced in Norway”, he says.


On average in January of this year, 3069 MW were imported per hour, which resulted in a net import of almost 2.3 TWh (billion kilowatt-hours). This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption in the city of Trondheim. In week three, the hourly average was 3433 MW. The highest import during a single hour was 4867 MW. This was the hour between 14:00 and 15:00 on Saturday, 22 January. In comparison, the average consumption in January was, 18,282 MW or, in total, 13.6 TWh.