In February 2011 APX-ENDEX, Belpex, Elia and TenneT launched an integrated cross-border intraday market in Belgium and the Netherlands, using Nord Pool Spot’s Elbas platform. This intraday market coupling leads to a more efficient use of interconnection capacity between both
countries and has lead to a significant increase of volumes traded on the intraday market in the Netherlands.


The integration of the Norwegian-Dutch interconnector NorNed cable, linking the existing Dutch-Belgian and Nordic intraday markets, will result in these markets being coupled into one extended cross-border intraday market.


The development of intraday markets is considered as a high priority due to increased generation from renewable energy sources, which increases the demand for trading close to the time of delivery. Integrated regional and inter-regional markets, which offer easy access to bids and offers
in other countries, are critical to the development of the market liquidity and an important milestone in the integration of the European electricity intraday market.

Press release 23 September 2011.