VSC is currently being utilised at voltage levels up to 320 kV. Accordingly, this will be the first time Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technology is utilised at levels up to 500 kV. The technology is implemented to make the onshore power system more robust, and improve its capability of withstanding faults.

‘Moreover, to make use of Voltage Source Converter technology at the Skagerrak 4-interconnection will generate significant knowledge and relevant experience when planning future cable projects. The technology can also be applicable for a future off shore super grid as it makes possible to interconnect HVDC cables’, says project director at Statnett Arve Strandem.

Stabilising power prices and securing power supply

This HVDC interconnection between Norway and Denmark will facilitate the production of clean renewable energy in Denmark and Norway, ensure that Norway and Denmark have access to the required amount of electricity and provide more stable power prices.

Total cost for the Skagerrak 4-interconnection will be NOK 3.5 billion. The connection will have a capacity of 700 MW and a voltage level of 500 kV. The three existing HVDC interconnections between Norway and Denmark, Skagerrak 1, 2 and 3, have a total capacity of 1000 MW. Skagerrak 4 will increase the total capacity to 1700 MW.

The project is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2014.



Arve Strandem
Project Director, Statnett
Mobile: +47 901 31 229

Gunnar Romsaas
Media spokes person, Statnett
Mobile: +47 977 33 716