”The analyses confirm our observations from grid operations in recent years: we are operating with more narrow margins than previously assumed. Consequently, a larger share of the national grid investments must be realised before new international interconnectors can start operating,” says Executive Vice President, Grid Operations Øivind Rue.


The plan to upgrade the voltage in the South Norway grid remains in force and the work has high priority. However, this is a large and extensive project which will be complicated and time-consuming to implement in a grid that is already operating near the capacity level. The analyses have shown that the work must last  over a longer period, in order to ensure stable system operations during the construction period.  


The Skagerrak 4 project will continue as originally scheduled, with commissioning set for 2014.


Additional international interconnectors from Southern Norway will have to be phased into the grid gradually to ensure reliable operation.


Statnett is therefore planning to complete an interconnector of approximately 1000 MW in 2018 and another 1000 MW cable in 2021, to the UK and Germany. The exact capacity  will be determined at a later stage. Completion of further grid investments beyond the planned voltage upgrades in Southern Norway is expected to be necessary before these  interconnectors can be put into operation.


The implications of the analysis will be further examined and a revision of Statnett’s plans will be presented as usual in the next Grid Development Plan. Development of projects to the UK and Germany will continue,  the priority of these projects will be determined at a later stage.

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