President and CEO Auke Lont will call in management from all of the largest supplier companies to a meeting with Statnett. The topic will be the two recent tragic fatalities that have taken place on Statnett's power line projects. The first occurred in Flekkefjord municipality during work on the Western Corridor power line project in Southwestern Norway, and the other took place Monday in Hemnes in Nordland County, during work to upgrade the power cable between Namsos and Nedre Røssåga.  


"We have had  two fatal accidents in two weeks, with two of our contractors. We need to get to the bottom of how this could happen. This is not an acceptable situation. Everyone who works for Statnett must return home, safe and sound," says Auke Lont.  


"Statnett has made a determined commitment to HSE work in recent years. We work at heights, with electricity. This entails risk, but can be carried out safely as long as we use the right equipment, have the right training, follow safety requirements and exercise sound judgement. We are confident in the measures we already have in place, but this is not enough. We must do more. I will step up our cooperation with our contractors. That is why I intend to meet with senior management in all of our major supplier companies. I am starting this effort immediately, by calling in management to present their assessments of their own HSE culture, their results and action plans. We want to work together with our contractors to make the workday safe for everyone," says Lont.


Statnett currently has strict HSE requirements in all phases of our development projects, but follow-up must be further intensified. In 2016, our focus has been aimed at culture, behaviour and attitudes. A number of measures will now be implemented as part of this effort: 


  • More stringent requirements when prequalifying and selecting suppliers. 
  • More hands-on and frequent follow up of contractors in the form of audits, verifications, penalties in the event of safety breaches, etc. 
  • Culture and compliance requirements. We will keep a more watchful eye on factors that affect how our requirements are actually carried out in daily work. We will work even harder on behaviour.
  • We will sharpen our focus on ensuring that lessons learned and rules reach all the way out to every worker in the supplier companies. 


"We will also review our internal rules and routines, and how we organise our own work," says Auke Lont.


"Our thoughts go to the families and to everyone who has been affected, both inside and outside Statnett. We are doing our utmost to look after each other in this tragic situation," he concludes.