“The decision was based on three main factors,” says Executive Vice President Elisabeth V. Vardheim in Statnett. “Firstly, the project facilitate realisation of wind power development in Trøndelag. Secondly, we will improve power supply to the whole region, and, last, but not least, it will increase capacity in the power grid between Northern and Southern Norway,” explains Vardheim.


Statnett will start construction of both subsections in May, and the work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.


“We have been working on the project for a long time, and are pleased to now pass this milestone. The decisions will help improve power supply and contribute to realisation of national renewable targets. It will also have major financial ripple effects in Central Norway,” Vardheim says.


Throughout winter, Statnett has issued tender invitations in the contractor market, and several contracts have now been signed.  


“We are particularly pleased to see that several of the contracts awarded so far, are with local and regional contractors. This proves that Central Norway has a competitive business community, and we are happy to do our part to boost employment,” Vardheim says.


One of two forest clearing contracts, two out of six contracts for roadwork and base sites and road and foundation work for our new substations were awarded to regional companies. The contracts have a total value of NOK 140-150 million. In our experience, 15-25 per cent of our investments will benefit the local community.


Statnett’s estimated project investments amount to NOK 3.4-3.7 billion for the two sections Namsos-Åfjord and Surna-Snilldal. A total of 500 towers will be built on the two sections, comprising 180 km of power lines and four new substations.


The final part of the total Namsos-Surna project, i.e. the section between Åfjord and Snilldal, will be completed by the end of 2028, at the latest.


Facts about the Namsos-Surna project:



  • 180 km of 420 kV power lines
  • Four new substations in Hofstad, Åfjord, Snilldal and Surna
  • Minor expansion of Namsos substation
  • Start-up in May 2016
  • Scheduled completion in 2019
  • Estimated costs NOK 3.4-3.7 billion



  • 71 km of 420 kV power lines
  • 7 km subsea cable
  • Scheduled completion in 2028 at the latest
  • Estimated costs NOK 1.9-2.7 billion


For more information, please contact
Vice President Corporate Communications Martha Hagerup Nilson on mobile telephone number +47 971 71 310