The turntables are relatively new (2012-14). They have been installed indoors, have short usage times and appear as unused. They are sold "as is".

Presently the turntables are storing cables for Statnett. The plan is to remove the cables during October 2021.Therefore, dismantling can start as of 1. November and must be finalized by 1. December 2021.

Presumed 2021 price for a new turntable is estimated at 6 MNOK. Statnett will sell the turntables provided an acceptable price is achieved, alternatively dismantle and storing in case of future need.

The spooling tower with tensioner is estimated to cost more than 2 MNOK new, while the tower without tensioner approximately 0.8 MNOK.

Please submit your bid to Jan Erik Skog, preferably by August 20th 2021.