The turntable is from 2007 and has short usage time. The maintenance has been good, wherefore the turntable is in very good shape.

Presently the turntable is storing cable for Statnett. The plan is to remove the cables during October 2021.Therefore dismantling can start as from 1. November. This must preferably be finalized within 1. December 2021.

Presumed 2021 price for the turntable is estimated to 3-4 MNOK. Statnett will sell the turntable provided an acceptable price is achieved compared to the cost of dismantling and storing to Statnett's own expense.

Please submit your bid to Jan Erik Skog, preferably by August 20th 2021


Overview and data for the turntable can be found in the attachments



Lervik Brygge, Feda in Kvinesdal, Norway

Made by

Jotne, Norge


700 tons

Outer diameter

20 m

Inner diameter

12 m

Year of manufacture


Usage time

≤ 100 hours

Maintanances status

Status is considered very good (indoor in heated building)


Please find attached a few documents explaining the object.

Site visit

The Covid 19 situation make an ordinary site visit difficult. Interested parties should send an email to Jan Erik Skog and ask for more details.

The bidding process

The bidder giving the highest bid, will be successful. The offered price shall preferably be given under the presumption that dismantling and transport from site shall be the done and paid for by the buyer.