Statnett has applied for license on technical layout for NordLink

Statnett has sent revised license application to the Norwegian authorities regarding technical layout for the planned HVDC interconnection NordLink between Norway and Germany.

The application relates to technical installations in Norway from the Norwegian Sea boundary to the landing point at Vollesfjord in the municipality of Flekkefjord.

The license application for NordLink is coordinated with NorGer, another cable project between Norway and Germany in which Statnett holds a 50% share. In Norway, the technical solutions for the two projects will be identical, and the licensing processes will as such be coordinated. The feasibility of installing more than one cable between Norway and Germany will be further analysed and assessed.

NordLink is a socialized cable owned by the Norwegian Transmission System Operator Statnett. The intention is to connect the German and Norwegian transmission grids. Retrospection based calculations and calculations of possible future revenues shows that the connection will be social economically profitable. NordLink will amongst others improve liquidity in the power markets, improve efficiency in power production, facilitate the development of renewable power production in Germany and Norway, and stabilize Norwegian power prices between seasons.

Profits from power transmission will be sourced back to power generators, consumers and the industry.


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