Apply for an Account in NECS

To become a customer in the Norwegian registry for guarantees of origin the Standard Terms and Conditions have to be filled in with required information.

The completed and signed document has to be sent to opprinnelsesgarantier(a) Annual report and certificate of incorporation must be enclosed, and an invoicing address specified.


Companies that are not registered in Norway also need to enclose an approved colour copy of the passport of the person who will be the root user of the company.


Statnett reserves the right to request additional information such as, but not limited to copy of the passport of signatories of non-Norwegian firms, know your customer form and documentation of VAT registration. Information given could be shared with other authorities including, but not limited to the tax authorities and the Norwegian regulator NVE. We ask all new applicants to fill inn the Know Your Customer form found below.


Statnett will send an invoice on the annual fee when a completed application is received. At payment of the invoice, an account will be opened in the registry,.


If you need more information on how to join the Norwegian registry for guarantees of origin, please contact us on the following address: opprinnelsesgarantier(a)

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