What is EDIEL?

In December 1993, the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool (then called Statnett Marked) started the project EDC, Electronic Data Communication within the Power Industry. There was a desire to standardise the exchange of information between the exchange and its clients.

In autumn 1997, a requirement concerning the use of the Ediel standard was incorporated into the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's guidelines.


The system support for Ediel (SSE) is aimed at ensuring the introduction, operation and further development of electronic data exchange for external communication between grid operators, suppliers and Avregningssentralen for reguleringskraft ("Clearance Centre for Regulating Power").


Entry in the Ediel Address Register gives access to:

  • System support services such as advice, guidance and information
  • Ongoing testing of communication solutions
  • Certification of systems in connection with change – implementation of new systems


The System Support for Ediel (SSE) is also responsible for:

  • Maintenance and further development of the address register
  • Responsibility, maintenance and further development of the Ediel standard
  • Responsibility, maintenance and further development of the Ediel portal
  • Planning, implementation and coordination of Ediel-related projects
  • Harmonisation activities across international borders in order to protect Norwegian interests


The fee for entry in the Ediel Address Register is NOK 10,000 per year.


Ediel and clearance conference

Every year, Statnett organises an Ediel and clearance conference, to which we invite everyone who works on Ediel- and clearance-related tasks. 

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