Balance settlement

With the authorisation of NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) Statnett has been allocated the role as authority responsible for settlements in the Regulated Power Market.

Statnett puts together and combines all trade and exchange activities in the wholesale market for electrical power in Norway and calculates the Regulated Power.


The official agreement on access to the wholesale market, the Balance Agreement, is written in Norwegian. Unofficial translations of the agreement and other useful information for new market players are available (see the end of the article).


NorNed interconnector - the market coupling on NorNed

The NorNed interconnector was included in the market coupling from mid January 2011. This was the second step of the interim tight volume coupling (ITVC) between the CWE region and the Nordic region. For the market coupling there have been established a fall back solution in case that the market coupling should fail due to technical reasons or other reasons.CASC.EU is responsible to operate the Shadow auction.


Market participants must register at CASC.EU's auction office to be active on the shadow auctions on NorNed. You specifically have to register for the NL – NO border to be able to participate in the SA for NorNed. To be able to take part in the shadow auctions each party must :


  • Have signed a nomination contract with TenneT NL (PV contract).
  • Have sent the NUC document to TenneT NL.
  • Have signed a balance agreement with Statnett.
  • Have a separate NorNed trading portfolio at Nord Pool Spot.
  • Have sent the Declaration of Acceptance to CASC

The Auction rules and declaration of acceptance can be found via


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Balance settlement:


Sverre Hakestad
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