Tariffs 2014

The rates for fixed components for 2014 are as follows:


 Tariff 2014


Tariff 2014

Production (G)


NOK 0,012/kWh

Consumption (L)


NOK 170/kW

Correction factor for KII - c



Interruptible load, 15 min. warning

5% of L

NOK 9/kW

Interruptible load, 2 hours warning

25% of L

NOK 43/kW

Interruptible load, 12 hours warning

50% of L

NOK 85/kW

Interruptible load, 15 min. warning,  2 h duration

75% of L      

NOK 128/kW

Reactive load- is rounded off downwards to nearest 5MVar


NOK 30/kVar






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