Systems operations and market development plan

The electricity systems in Europe are subject to massive changes, with increasing amounts of intermittent generation, greater integration of grids and markets, and more sentralized regulation.

Facing these changes, Statnett regularly release both the Grid Development Plan (NUP) and the System Operations and Market Development Plan (SMUP) describing important trends and high priority measures in the coming period.


As Transmission System Operator, Statnett is responsible for ensuring a stable and secure supply of electricity by coordinating production and consumption, ensuring long-term quality of supply by developing the transmission grid, offering equal access to the transmission grid to market actors and ensuring available transmission routes by means of good maintenance practices.


The plan describes a number of factors influencing the power system, and Statnett´s proposed measures to ensure a stable supply and continued development in the coming years.


The plan covering 2014-2020 is not available in English, but the attached presentation gives an overview.

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