Reserve Power Plants

In response to an energy deficit in the region, Statnett established two reserve power plants at Tjeldbergodden and Nyhamna in Western Norway. A new transmission line finalized in 2016 solved the energy deficit. The need for reserve power is no longer present. Statnett is now decommissioning the plants and have started the sales process for the Tjeldbergodden plant


Statnett is selling its power plant at Tjeldbergodden consisting of

  • 7 Pratt & Whitney Power Systems 25 MW FT8-3 MobilePac dual fuel (gas/diesel) turbine packages
  • 2 x water treatment facilities for demineralization of injection water (water is injected to reduce NOx-emissions from 176 ppm to 25 ppm / diesel: to 42 ppm)
  • Step up transformer 11,5/132 kV 160 MVA
  • Switchgear 11,5 kV with busbar / auxiliary equipment


Key facts of the 25 MW FT8 MobilePac units

  • Transport weight: 75 metric tons (power unit)
  • Limited site size requirements
  • Dual fuel (diesel/gas) – equipped for gas. Minor changes required for diesel operation
  • Production capacity of 25 MW per unit with water injection
  • Energy efficiency: approx. 36 % => 0.3 liter of diesel per kWh produced

The Plant is delivered and maintained by PW Power Systems (PWPS -formerly Pratt & Whitney®) a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI).

The Plant has provided emergency power capacity since 2008, but has only operated for less than 400 hours. For maintenance purposes, only operated on natural gas.



De-rigging and preparation for transport by sea for the whole Plant takes 7-14 days. Limited advance site preparation is required.

Upon arrival on site, the Mobile Pac can initialize power generation within a week, provided necessary infrastructure.

Enables remote operation of high quality and reliable emergency power production

Highway compatible mobile units (US-std.) - rapid deployment worldwide via road, sea freight or airfreight


For more information on the sales process, please contact:


Jon Hov Lauritzen, Senior Vice President

Mobile +47 95 74 93 81

Direct +47 23 90 33 62





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