Statnett contributes to socioeconomic development by ensuring that the power system is robust and can cope with changes that arise, while also meeting society’s expectations on power supply in the future. The continuing electrification of society defines our main goals in the period to 2025.

Statnett is paving the way for an electric future

Statnett will play a more active role in facilitating further electrification. This will require us to develop “the smart grid” that meets the customers’ demands for power in a cost-effective manner through a well-functioning power market in Norway and the Nordic region, to which players at all levels have access. The Group’s strategy for the period 2017–2021 builds on previous strategies and is underpinned by the modernisation of Statnett’s ICT platforms in the recent years.


Six key trends form the basis of our strategy

Statnett must adapt to the changes resulting from increased digitalisation, the use of new technologies, the switch to a low-carbon society and closer integration with Europe. At the same time, we must invest more than ever at a time when there is increasing demand for cost-effectiveness in the power industry, and the need to future-proof the Norwegian economy is high on the political agenda. We see that the following six trends are central to our strategy:


  • The power grid is a key part of the climate solution
  • New technology and digitalisation are impacting all areas of the power system
  • New EU regulations will demand even closer integration in the Nordic region
  • Key stakeholders are demanding ever greater cost-effectiveness
  • Changes in the price of renewable energy are squeezing costs in the power system
  • Statnett will enter a new phase after 2021


Together with the industry as a whole, we must provide a cost-effective power system and enter into practical collaborative solutions, so that we can develop a smarter power grid for the future.




Corporate social responsibility

All state-owned enterprises must work systematically to be leaders within corporate social responsibility. At Statnett, this means understanding and responding to the expectations of society in ways that create mutual trust and respect. We believe it is important to set clear goals with respect to our social responsibility, and in this way ensure that Statnett properly fulfils its mission in society.


Read more about how we exercise corporate social responsibility at Statnett in our annual report.





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