Standards and certification in Statnett

Statnett SF is certified in accordance with the quality standards NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems), NS-ISO 55001:2014 and PAS 55-1:2008 (both covering Asset Management).

Asset Management

Statnett’s asset management has been certified in accordance with the ISO 55001 quality standard since September 2016, and was at the same time re-certified in accordance with the PAS 55 standard ISO 55001 and PAS 55 are instruments used to ensure optimal asset management in Statnett, and thus a stable and reliable power supply.


ISO 55001 and PAS 55 require the certified body to optimize the management of physical assets. Representing two generations of asset management standards, they contain a number of requirements to be fulfilled through the management systems of the companies that choose to be certified. One precondition of the standards is that Statnett strives to continuously improve its asset management, also after the certification has been granted.


The overall principles for how we develop and operate our facilities are stipulated in Statnett’s asset management policy. Statnett employees have a duty to familiarize themselves with and comply with this policy, whereas Statnett management has overall responsibility for the implementation. Furthermore, we assume that our suppliers and contractors apply the principles laid down in the policy for their product and service deliveries to Statnett.


Environmental Management 

Statnett has been certified pursuant to the international standard for environmental management since 2006. The accredited company Kiwa Teknologisk Institutt Sertifisering AS (in Norwegian) has conducted annual audits of Statnett’s systems for safeguarding of the external environment.


ISO 14001 sets requirements relating to processes and tools required in the company’s environmental management system, and is based on the principle of continuous improvement. The certification presupposes that Statnett has an active environmental policy at all times, and stipulates objectives for and monitors the impact the company’s activities have on the external environment. These objectives are based on risk assessments in areas where Statnett’s development and operating activities have an impact on the environment.

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