Invoice requirements

We are automating our invoice processing procedures. It is therefore essential to ensure that invoices are labelled correctly if we are to benefit from the automated system.

Invoices to Statnett SF must be labelled with Statnett’s reference information. At least one of the following three items of reference information must be used for invoicing Statnett:

  • The relevant contact at Statnett: Full name
  • Purchase order number (IO): Five-digit sequential number, entered without the preceding “IO” (E.g.: 12345)
  • Supplier contract number: Six-digit sequential number (E.g. K123456) or 5-digit sequential number, to be entered preceded by “K + the year” (E.g.: K14-12345)


The reference information on invoices must be written in the correct field on the invoice issued for it to be processed correctly in our systems.

  • Field Your reference: The name of the contact at Statnett
  • Field Your order /Your cost centre /Label: Purchase order or supplier contract number


If this information is not included, the invoice will be considered invalid.


Statnett operates with standard terms of 30 days’ credit from all its suppliers, and asks that this condition be observed.


Invoicing address

Statnett SF

Accounting Department

P.O Box 4904 Nydalen

0423 Oslo, Norway

BRN 962 986 633

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