Goods and services we buy

Statnett has grouped its procurements in 14 categories:
Category Example of goods and services
EPC station Turn-key contract for sub station
HVDC/FACTS HVDC converters, SVC, digital solutions, shunt capacitor banks
Transformers Transformers and reactors
Switchgear Components and installation for sub station
Control system Control-, protection- and auxiliary system included maintenance and spare parts
Civil works Ground works, buildings, roads, etc. 
Power line construction Construction and rebuilding of power lines, voltage upgrade and demolition
Mechanical products Steel for towers, foundations, etc. 
Electromechanical products Conductors, fittings, insulators, OPGW, etc.
Forest clearing Clearing for new lines and maintenance
Cable Sub sea and land cable
Consultants Engineering, project management, procurement advisors, corporate governance
Administrative Transportation, insurance, travel and facility management
ICT R&D projects, communication system, other IT-systems
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