Future projects and contracts

Here you can find Statnett's planned procurements for the next to years period.

Future project procurements (.xlsx)
Future framework agreements (.xlsx)


The list of future contracts is not exhaustive and will be updated every sixth month. Changes may occur.


Procurements exceeding the threshold values in the Supply Sector Purchases Regulations require the contractor to be registered in Sellihca.


Read more about becoming a qualified contractor

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General conditions

A number of terms and conditions apply for Statnett's different purchases of goods and services etc. Below is an excample. Relevant terms and conditions will be enclosed according to each purchase.

Terms and conditions and tender rules

Area of application

Statnett's general conditions for purchasing goods:

General Contract Terms for the Purchase of Goods (PDF)


Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Services (PDF)

Used for procurement of standard products/components that do not require special adaptation


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