The following information for suppliers concerns how to send e-invoices to Statnett.

As from 1 April 2018, Statnett will only accept electronic invoices. For suppliers who do not have their own solution for issuing e-invoices, we are offering access to our invoicing portal in Pagero. This is a free internet service for sending invoices electronically.


Use the following fields on the invoicing portal:

  • Your reference: Name of invoice recipient:
  • Your order number: Purchase order number or Supplier contract number



Requirements for labelling invoices

Invoices must feature one of these three references in the XML files:

  • Purchase order number (5 digits)
  • Supplier contract number (up to 12 alphanumeric figures)
  • Full name of the person at Statnett who is to receive the invoice



Technical specification of placement in the XML files

Purchase order number or Supplier contract number:

  • EHF: cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact
  • E2B: e2b:InvoiceHeader/e2b:InvoiceReferences/e2b:BuyersOrderNumber


Name of invoice recipient at Statnett:

  • EHF – cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact
  • E2B – e2b:InvoiceHeader/Invoicee/ContactPerson/Name



Invoices that do not meet our labelling requirements will be rejected. Invoices must not be sent by conventional mail or as email. Any such invoices received will be returned to the supplier/issuer.


If you have any questions, please email us at: faktura@statnett.no.

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