The Brussels Office

Statnett’s Brussels office primarily works with issues related to the EU and the EEA. However, the office also contributes to Statnett’s international projects and the work in ENTSO-E. The office was established in September 2010 and is located in Norway House, at the heart of the European capital and close to the European Commission’s headquarters.

The objective of Statnett’s involvement in this field is to contribute to international cooperation to strengthen the electricity supply as well as to promote sound and rational solutions for value creation and climate.


The primary objective of Statnett Brussels 

Statnett’s objective is to monitor developments in the EU’s energy policy and highlight the company’s expertise within the framework of Norway as an important contributor to sustainable climate solutions. This involves contributing to the climate and energy ambitions of the EU as well as the objective of creating an inner market for energy. Statnett plays a key role in this regard by linking Norwegian hydropower to Europe and Europe’s renewable energy production to Norway. New infrastructure and market improvements are essential in this respect.


The Brussels office will act as a knowledge base on European energy policy and support the coordination of Statnett’s current work in relation to the EU institutions.


Trainee scheme

The Brussels office currently has one employee. However, as part of the company’s focus on expertise development, Statnett plans to give employees the opportunity to work at the Brussels office. The office will also be included in Statnett’s trainee scheme to increase Statnett’s knowledge about the EU, European energy policy and climate debate.



Tor Eigil Hodne (Director of Statnett's EU office)
Phone: +47 974 87 884


Norway House
Rue Archimède 17, 1st floor.
1000 Brussels

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